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  • Kelli Brinegar

10 Page-Turning Gifts For Kindle Readers


Choosing gifts for Kindle readers can be tricky. Usually, it's easiest to give them an Amazon gift card so they can choose whatever book their heart desires. But sometimes, isn't it fun to give a gift with a little more presentation than a gift card? Everyone loves to unwrap pretty presents, after all!

From Kindle accessories to a comfy blanket, check out these nifty gifts for Kindle readers. Any of these choices will enhance their reading fun whether they dig thrillers, fantasy, horror, or romance books. It's all about the ultimate bookish experience here!

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10 Gifts for Kindle Readers

Take a friend’s favorite hobby to the next level with this remote-control page turner for Kindles and other tablet readers. BookTok raves about these nifty gadgets as they offer the chance to get super comfy while reading. Just think, you can snuggle up in a blanket and never have to expose your hands to turn the page. Perfection, right?  

Give them the joy of reading hands-free with this sturdy tablet stand. This sturdy metal alloy stand holds tablets and phones up to twelve inches and adjusts for finding the absolute right angle for reading. The design also features a hole in the stand for easy charger cord attachment. Choose from 8 colors to make their day.

A tablet floor stand is another option for great hands-free reading. The Elekpopu tablet stand offers an adjustable height range of 27.5-55 inches with a 360-degree rotatable bracket. It’s designed for tablets between 4.7 and 11 inches, weighing less than 1.5lb. The sturdy base helps create a stable experience for reading in bed, on the couch, or in a favorite chair.

A Kindle hand strap can be another fabulous way to elevate their reading experience. This gift for readers allows them to slip the straps over the back of their reader so their hands don’t get tired from gripping the tablet. They’re crafted from silicone for a soft feel with a firm grip. Choose from 3 sizes and multiple colors.

If your Kindle goes everywhere with you, you get this sticker. And you most likely have a reader friend who feels the same way. Treat them to this cute vinyl sticker so they can proclaim their dependence on the written word via their trusty Kindle.

One of the joys of reading on a Kindle is hiding those wonderfully smutty covers from judgy eyes. But one’s digital library will always reveal a love of spicy reads! Let a love for naughty books shine with this coy and cute sticker.  

It’s 70” x 50” of cozy comfort with this wearable blanket. Unlike other options, this blanket has armholes rather than full sleeves. And as great as blanket sleeves can be, sometimes they’re a bit bulky. This option lets a reader unbutton the holes and slip out their hands for unencumbered book holding. The unrestrictive design allows for working on computers, texting, and snacking, too!

Celebrate your favorite bookworm with this fun Etsy find! This custom Kindle case allows you to design a personalized look of either their favorite book cover or a photo. You can also add their name or initials. Cases have built-in magnets that enable automatic wake-up and sleep functions and are available for multiple Kindle styles. As of now, shipping is listed as free.

Any of these gifts are great, but don’t forget a Kindle reader can always use an Amazon gift card to fill out their digital library even more!

No matter what you choose, any of these gifts for Kindle readers will be a hit. And don't be surprised if you don't hear from your buddy for a few days after you present them with their gift. They've probably disappeared down a reading rabbit hole, their favorite place to be!


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