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  • Kelli Brinegar

14 Gifts Disney Lorcana Fans Will Love

If you’re already a Disney Lorcana fan, then you know the magic of this Ravensburger trading card game. If not, and you’re only here because you’ve got a friend who loves it, you’re in for an enchanting surprise. This Disney trading card game (TCG) follows the tradition of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon, offering cards that feature incredible artwork and exciting abilities and actions.

So, just what is Lorcana? It’s a two-person card game in which you become an Illumineer with a 60-card deck full of Disney characters, artifacts, and more. You and your opponent will battle it out with ink and “glimmers” in a race to be the first player to gain 20 lore points. But you don’t have to play the game to appreciate Lorcana. Some people just enjoy collecting these beautiful cards and their original artwork. Is the Lorcana fan in your life a player, a collector, or both? Either way, this list of gifts has you covered! Oh, and don’t be surprised if you fall down the inkwell and become a TCG player, too…

Gifts Lorcana Collectors Will Love

Ravensburger Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter TCG Starter Deck Sapphire & Steel


Lorcana debuted in November 2023 with the First Chapter, which introduces the story of Lorcana and its Great Illuminary. And whether they’re a new player or been busting packs since it started, a Lorcana starter deck is always a welcome gift for collectors and players. One can never have enough cards! This Sapphire & Steel deck will up their First Chapter collection by sixty cards, with two foils. Starter Deck boxes include a starter deck of 60 cards (including two foil cards), 11 tokens, a Rules sheet, and one bonus booster pack of 12 randomized cards.

Ravensburger Disney Lorcana: Rise of The Floodborn TCG Starter Deck Amber & Sapphire


Rise of the Floodborn is the second release in the continuing tale of Lorcana, and this iteration reveals glimmers of the characters we know and love. But fans may notice old favorites get new looks in the Floodborn decks. Any card, any release, any character, Lorcana lovers will want all the cards, so don’t hold back or worry that you’ll get the wrong release.

Ravensburger Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands TCG Starter Deck: Amber & Emerald

Lorcana gift

This Into the Inklands deck takes players and collectors further into the land of Lorcana, introducing even more glimmers for Disney fans to love. This option contains Amber and Emerald cards focusing on sorcery and clever characters. If your collector friend is more about brave hearts and intelligence, opt for a Ruby & Sapphire deck instead.

Ravensburger Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands TCG Illumineer’s Trove

Lorcana gift

Instead of a starter deck, stack their collection with an Illumineer’s Trove. This great gift for Lorcana fans includes a card storage box, 6 card dividers, 8 Booster packs of 12 additional game cards each, six damage-counter dice, and 1 Lore counter. Keep your fingers crossed for your buddy as they tear into packs looking for those elusive Enchanted cards. Come on, Rainbow Hexagon!

Handan D20 Giant Polyhedral Dice


Part of Lorcana gameplay involves counting your lore. The first one to 20 lore can claim victory, but you’ll be the winner when you give a friend this 20-sided die to track their points. This single die measures a little over two inches and is made of durable acrylic. The heat of battle won’t crack this sturdiness! If purple isn’t their color, choose from black, white, pink, or red.

Cusdie Single D20 DND Dice with Glitter Foil Inclusions

This pretty D20 screams Disney with its pink and glitter beauty! It’s made of strong, natural resin and etched with clear, sharp numbers for easy reading. You’ll find it’s larger than standard dice at 33mm but smaller than many of the jumbo D20 choices. Available in multiple colors and arrives in a PU leather pouch, making it a nice gift for TCG collectors.

Lorcana Playmats


Keep their play nice and tidy on a Disney-inspired gaming mat. This TCG play mat features zones for play and a beautiful rendering of Cinderella’s castle to keep their collection enchanted. Mat measures 24” x 14”, and rubber backing keeps the mat in place no matter how wild the play gets! Check out the other Disney-inspired designs, too.

Paramint Cosmic Black (Stitched) - MTG Playmat


While this play mat isn’t printed with a Disney scene, its purple cosmic vibe lends well to the Lorcana realm. The card-friendly polyester top and non-slip rubber bottom mean you can draw, flip, and tap cards fast! The heavy-duty construction promises to keep this mat performing game after game. Also available in green cosmic.

KarlyPro Premium Binder Compatible with Lorcana Cards 990 Pockets


When one collects Lorcana, one has many cards! Solve the storage issue with a binder that keeps the theme while holding up to 990 cards. This three-ring card storage binder is covered in waterproof PU leather and zips closed for maximum protection. Binder comes with 55 sleeve sheets that are double-sided and top-loading. Sheets are acid-free and contain no PVC.

Dragon Shield Matte Diamond Pink Standard Size 100 ct 


Cards need protection, and Dragon Shield is one of the finest brands for the job. Surprise your Lorcana fan with these pretty pink sleeves. But wait, they’re not just pink; they’re sparkly too. How perfectly enchanting for a Disney trading card game!

ZLCA Card Deck Box for Trading Cards


Here’s another handy TCG storage solution that looks tidy while keeping cards safe. A deck box made from archival-safe, acid-free, non-PVC material, the PU leather outside and soft microfiber inside make this box a fine option for gifting a friend. Slip a card pack inside for an extra surprise. The purple and black card storage box looks fierce for storing Lorcana cards, but you’ll find a bouquet of other colors available too.

JoyJolt Disney Mickey Mouse Squad Collection Tumblers

Lorcana gift

Stemless wine cups make a great hostess gift. And a set of Disney wine glasses will keep their Lorcana game night on theme. With a 15-ounce capacity, everybody’s drink will stay fuller a little longer. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe for easy clean up when the night is done.

Simple Modern Disney 40 oz Tumbler with Handle and Straw Lid

Lorcana gift

Card games can get intense, but a big tumbler will help them stay hydrated during the most exciting battles! The minimal Mickey Mouse design is big on cute, while the stainless-steel construction is tough enough for everyday use. Double wall insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for hours so the play can last and last.

Styla Hair 2pk Mouse Ear Scrunchies

Lorcana gift

For serious gameplay that requires the hair going back, help them pull up a ponytail and channel their inner Minnie. This two-pack mouse ear scrunchie set lets them choose whether they’re feeling polka dots or solid red. Either way, Ms. Mouse will approve. The scrunchies are velvet for all hair types, and the bows are festooned in sequins. Such a cute gift for Lorcana collectors or Disney lovers!

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Lorcana gift

Now you know why your friend loves Lorcana so much. The art and the fun are hard to beat. Treat them to some whimsy, and while you’re at it, go ahead and start your own collection. The two of you will be deep into enchanted game nights soon enough!


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