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  • Adri Sandoval

6 Gifts for Baseball Fans That Will Make Them Cheer

I know Opening Day isn't usually the kind of occasion one might give gifts for - but I am freaking PUMPED for baseball season, and as someone who loves to give gifts, it's how I choose to share my joy with the baseball lovers around me. Maybe your favorite baseball fan has a birthday approaching, or maybe you too like to spread the cheer of the new season by gifting. Whatever the reason, here are a few ideas for a gift the baseball fan in your life might love.

1. Tickets

If you can, and they have time and don't mind crowds, the answer is tickets. Always, always tickets.

It might not be the kind of gift that lasts and lasts, but a game is an experience. Share that experience and make memories together that will last a lifetime. There are the cheers and the gasps of the crowd and the feel of the sun and the smell of popcorn and hot dogs and scooting sideways like a crab to your seat. I avoid crowds at all costs but I will happily brave them for a baseball game. So again: when in doubt - Gift. Tickets.

2. Baseball Jerseys

There's something about being at a game in your team's jersey, surrounded by other fans sporting theirs. It's being a part of this big, lively thing and when the energy runs through the crowd, you really feel it. Jerseys can be pricey, but there's more to it than just representing your favorite team - it's being a part of something bigger than yourself or your team. Fandom is family and the baseball jersey is the uniform. You can find jerseys for the team's current stars at MLBShop or Fanatics - though, be aware that there have been a lot of complaints about the quality of the gear coming from Fanatics.

Is your baseball fan already made of jerseys? Consider a vintage jersey they're not likely to have. You can find all kinds at great prices on eBay.

3. Baseball Caps

Jerseys can be pretty expensive. Depending on what you're getting and whose name is on it, some jerseys can cost you a couple hundred dollars. A baseball cap is also a part of the fanatic uniform. If they don't already have one, they'll be over the moon. If they do - another couldn't hurt, right? Most teams have caps in different colors and styles, and they might not all be your fan's cup of tea, but they're not likely to be disappointed no matter what kind of cap it is - it's a baseball cap. Find an officially licensed cap for any team at MLBShop.

4. Memorabilia

Not everybody is a collector but even a piece or two is nice to display. Here's another point where it's best to go to eBay and depending on the team and the piece, prices vary. If you're getting something autographed, be certain to ONLY purchase items that have been authenticated. ANYBODY can take a Sharpie or pen and just sign something.

An authentication from a trusted source, like Beckett or PSA is assurance that the item was actually signed by the person whose name is on it.

For the last two years, I've gotten my boyfriend one baseball at the end of each season signed by a standout player from his favorite team. He doesn't collect and is determined not to fall into another collecting money pit. But he enjoys having a few pieces on display in his office.

5. Team-branded Items

People of any fandom love to show off their love. For my last birthday, a friend got me a pair of Minnesota Twins earrings - I don't even wear earrings that often but I was THRILLED to receive them, and come opening day, I am popping those bad boys on with my cap and jersey and PROUDLY wearing them every chance I get throughout the season.

Your fan might not be the earring sort but you'd be surprised what you can find with the team's logo on it. MLBShop has a great selection of officially licensed options including bottle openers, pet gear, glassware, umbrellas, etc. Looking for something out of the ordinary? You can find some really out-of-the-box items for the fanatic who has everything (like the cribbage board above) at Etsy by searching the name of their team.

6. Watch a Game Together

Have you ever been around a kid who is really excited about something you're not at all interested in? But you can see the joy on their face when they share that thing with you. I have never wanted to know anything at all about Roblox, but I have some knowledge of it now because I have listened to multiple children in my family go on and on about it because it makes them happy to share it with me. I still have zero interest in Roblox. Sorry, kids.

Your time and attention are valuable. If you're not a baseball fan, it can mean a lot to someone who is to share their love of their team with you. Sit a bit and watch a game - even a few innings. Eat some chips, have a drink, and let them tell you about their favorite players, the history of the field, and their thoughts on the plays. Maybe you'll become a fan of their team too - and that would probably thrill them more than anything.


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