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40 Fun Items to Add to an Adult Easter Basket

Updated: Feb 26

Easter is Sunday, March 31 2024!

Easter is already right around the corner and it has really snuck up on me this year. I love putting together a basket for my kid every year, and for him it's a no-brainer. He wants the same thing every year: some marshmallow Peeps he will squish but not eat, a cute plushie, and lots and lots of chocolate.

The basket I put together for my boyfriend is a little trickier. Adult easter baskets don't need all the sugar and plastic toys you might stuff into a kid's easter basket. It might be fun to give a few toys but it's not likely your grown-up friend is going to be very interested in playing with them. Remember: researchers discovered that while gifters tend to prefer giving frivolous gifts, most giftees would rather receive functional gifts.

Kids might not mind quantity over quality, so it's easy to stuff a basket full of cheap, plastic, bunny-shaped toys and call it a day. But shopping for an adult can get pricey if you're trying to fill a basket. I usually buy one or two more valuable items and fill the rest of the basket with paper Easter grass, a few edible treats, and some cheaper but still functional items. Here are 40 fun items to consider adding to your favorite adult's easter basket.

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Adult Easter Basket Idea: Stress-Relieving Fidget Toys

Believe it or not, toys can be functional - just ask your programmer friend who keeps a rubber duck on their desk.

Fidget toys have become increasingly popular among adults who deal with stress or are trying to break bad habits, like smoking, nail-biting, skin-picking, or stress eating. It may not be an absolute cure, but it's a good way to redirect whatever nervous energy you may have. They can also be great for helping you think, soothe anxiety, or just keep your hands busy. Consider adding a fidget toy or stress ball to an adult Easter basket. These tiny toys do a lot of heavy lifting for someone dealing with stress.

The ONO Roller is a quiet, discreet fidget that rolls in your hand - so noisy spinners, clickers, or rattles. It's durable to hold up to even the fidgetiest of fidgeters, comes in different sizes for small or large hands, and different materials, if you prefer the feel of silicone, metal, or plastic.


A softer, more colorful fidget, NeeDoh can be squished, pulled, or kneaded in your hands. It's extremely durable and will return to it's original shape after being squashed.


These exercise stress balls are designed to improve finger and grip strength. They're made of high-density foam and covered in fabric, so they're soft on the outside, but not as squishy as other stress balls, like Nee-Doh.


These super-cute pastel-colored fidgets come with a keychain attachment to make them easy to take anywhere. The button simulates the look and feel of a keyboard, with the satisfying click you get from a mechanical keyboard. The cute little bunny face makes them perfect for an Easter basket at any age.


Adult Easter Basket Idea: A Really Nice Pen

Growing up, I was told that I should always have a pen. Now that most things are digital, it seems I hardly ever need one, but in the moments I do, it's really inconvenient not to have one. A pen might seem like a weird suggestion, but a nice, elegant pen can really make a big difference for someone who uses one regularly. For those of us who don't, it's still really nice to have a reliable pen. This is another functional gift that goes further than you might think it does.

I got one of these as a gift and had it for several years until I lost it during a move. I loved it so much, though, I immediately bought myself a new one after a few days of mourning. It stays tucked inside my journal and I use it anytime I need to write anything by hand. I've been planning to buy another to keep in my purse.

The Parker Jotter is a classic pen - if you have a keen eye (and are really weird about pens) you might have noticed it used in quite a few movies including The Shawshank Redemption, Old Boy, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Just take a look at this video about the Parker Jotter in film and TV:

It has a great aesthetic - it's metal body is simple and elegant. It's lightweight, slim, and writes like a dream. Don't forget the refills - your friend will want to use it for everything and feel like a movie star.


For your fountain pen-loving friend, the TWSBI Eco is the way to go. The minimalist, modern look is a favorite among enthusiasts and it writes neatly and smoothly. The nibs come in different sizes, so it can be customized to fit the writer's preference.


Have you ever seen such a pretty pen? The brass is elegant and undeniably eye-catching. This pen writes reliably and can be refilled. But truth be told - most people get it for the brand and brass body. It comes in a pencil and ballpoint version as well, if your writer prefers something just as fancy but a little different.


$40 on a brass pen is a "nice to have," but you don't need to dig deep into your pockets for a fancy pen. (Though - I will again and again because I really do love my Parker Jotter pen. It's half the price and will last forever.) When it comes to a pen, you want three things: is it comfortable to write with, does it write reliably, and is it durable? You don't want ink all over the inside of your pocket or purse. For a pen that gets the job done for peanuts, you can't beat the BIC Clic Stic. While waiting tables in my younger years, this was my go-to pen. It clicks away neatly, writes smoothly, and is comfortable to hold. And as someone who fidgets, it gives a great, satisfying click that will drive your coworkers crazy during a slow shift if you're not careful.


Adult Easter Basket Idea: Candles

How about a little candle?

People who like candles REALLY like candles. And people who hate them really hate them. My sister likes to buy the ones from Bath and Body Works that smell like food and I'm always disappointed when I walk into her house and smell popcorn and SURPRISE! There's no popcorn. Only a little glass jar full of lies. There are some really cool candles being made, though - not at all like the jar of broken dreams my sister buys.

Pyro-Pet is super cute until you light it - though, I guess you could say that about most cute things when you set them on fire. The fun of Pyro-Pet, though, is that as it melts down, the wax reveals a metal skeleton within the candle that your friends who are into both cute and creepy things will get a kick out of. It comes in a few different shapes including this unicorn, a cat, and a deer with a horned skeleton.


For the most adult of adult Easter baskets, massage candles are the sexiest of candles. This soy-based candle from Maude is safe for sensitive skin. It has a low melting point, so when you're ready to pour some on and get to massage time, you don't have to worry about it burning your buddy. And you don't have to worry about there being any kind of strong smell of vanilla, or lilac, or popcorn - it's unscented.


If you're trying to keep it pastoral when putting together an adult Easter basket, candles come in bunny shapes, too. These small, soy-based candles are a hit with people who like to decorate seasonally. But again, like most cute things - once you light them they're not cute for long. If you have a parent or friend who has decorative soaps you're not allowed to use, this might be right up their alley. Fun, but not so much functional.


Adult Easter Basket Idea: Water Bottles

You know what? I hear people complain about how everyone is always carrying water bottles everywhere, but I love it. It's a good, healthy trend that isn't hurting anyone. Not like other evil trends. Like planking. Remember planking? Better yet - DON'T remember planking. Reminding someone to drink water is such a sweet way to say "I love you." It's showing concern for their well-being. Gifting a water bottle is a nice way to say "I'm thinking of you. Stay hydrated."

Gotta include the Stanley - it's having its moment. For a 100+year-old company: good for them. Stanley has been in business since 1913 and was really only ever popular with blue-collar folks. Then a mommy blogger was like, "Look how cool my husband's mug is. This is mine now. Get one." And everybody did. Stanley leaned into all the female attention it was getting rather than gatekeeping their products. And now these genuinely great mugs come in all kinds of pretty colors. Get one.


Hydro Flask can keep your water - or other beverages - cold for up to 24 hours. The stainless steel body is durable, and won't affect the taste of anything you're drinking from it. They're leakproof and powder-coated, so you don't have to worry about paint chipping off, even if you stick it in the dishwasher.


Collapsable water bottles are great gifts for people on the go. It can be packed away neatly when empty and then expanded for use. The included carbiner makes it easy to carry hands-free if you're outdoor on a hike or just treking across the airport terminal. This bottle is durable, leakproof, and comes in a few different colors so you can find your friend's favorite.


Glass is a great option for people who don't like the feel of metal or plastic, or the taste those materials can leave in water. purifyou's glass water bottles were recently rated a favorite by Wirecutter for glass options. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to keep a grip on it and will help protect it if gets dropped anyway.


Adult Easter Basket Idea: Coffee Mugs

It might not be the sort of thing you'd traditionally put in a kid's Easter basket, but we're doing adult Easter baskets today. And we're thinking of your friend or loved one who already has a stained mug that says "Don't talk to me 'til I've had my coffee." You can get a coffee lover any ol' mug, but these are a few ideas they might appreciate.

The YETI is a favorite for a reason - and it's not just the name. These durable stainless steel mugs do a fantastic job at keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I especially love the lid - the magnet slider pops right off and on for easy cleaning, so you can get in all the little nooks and crannies without worrying about any bacteria left behind.


It's definitely on the pricier side, and I have gotten made fun of for mine, but I really like my Ember mug because I hate cold and reheated, microwaved coffee. Especially on cold mornings when you want to snuggle up and sip, this mug will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature longer. For someone who drinks lots of coffee but at a snail's pace, this mug is amazing.


For your gamer friend who got lost in Bright Falls and fell into the lake last year. Airam released an official Alan Wake Oh Deer thermos, however, if you're not in Finland, you're not likely to find one unless you're willing to pay $150+ on eBay. This one is much more affordable, dishwasher safe, and great quality. This was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend last year and he uses it often.


Adult Easter Basket Idea: Socks

I stand by my statement that I have never met a man who didn't love the feel of new socks. I will likely say it every time I write one of these lists. I haven't heard as many other people express enthusiasm for socks, but we all use them. You can't have too many. And they come in fun patterns. Socks are an easy gift to fold (or ball up) and stuff in your adult Easter basket. You can say a surprising lot with socks.

Let him and everyone else who takes a peep at his feet know: He's doing the okayest at this. Blue Q makes a number of cute and snarky socks for your sassy friends.


These may not have the snark or the color, but Bombas are highly rated for comfort. Bonus: they have a buy-one, donate-one program. For every pair of socks sold, Bombas will donate an essential clothing item to those in need. These socks will feel good on their feet and warm their heart.


Let your favorite cat parent wear their heart on their heel with these Blue Q Cats! Socks. I love how the little kittens look like they were drawn by a five-year-old and the text is shouting the word "CATS!" like someone who was cursed to only say one word forever. And that word was "cats."


Every pair of Conscious Step socks supports a humanitarian program of your choice. Whether your person loves elephants, wants to save the ocean, or give books to kids - there are over 10 different varieties supporting programs that are changing the world for the better.


Fun Fillers for Adult Easter Baskets

Again: I recommend sticking one or two bigger gifts into the basket and then filling the rest with smaller goodies. If you get everything on this list, you're going to need a big basket and another credit card.

Traditionally, Easter baskets for kids are full of chocolate. But for your adult friend who is maybe less nuts about sugar or watching their waistline, you might want to opt for other things. But also, still chocolate.

I love these bookmarks. They're super cute, they're made of silicone so they're flexible and durable, and they make my bedside table look like a tiny magical garden. I have the leaf version as well. Highly recommend.


It's Easter! That means bunnies. And this bunny is perfect for a friend who loves loose-leaf teas. This bunny has its eyes closed and its feet up, ready to relax in a mug of hot water and make some tea. These tea infusers come in a number of cute shapes so you can find something that fits your friend's personality perfectly.


I promise, this is the last of the things I'm listing from Genuine Fred here. But this brand is perfect for cute, quirky, functional items that will put a smile on a friend's face. These drink markers are great for a loved one who likes to entertain. Or just likes wine. If they prefer to enjoy their vino in the company of cats rather than dogs, there's a set of kitties that will curl around a stem instead.


OTOTO is another brand that does a great job making quirky things-that-look-like-other-things, mostly for the kitchen. This crab keeps counters clean by holding on to any spoon, spatula, or stick you're using to cook. I love how he's holding it like he's ready to use it if he has to. "Come and take it, I dare you."


Every basket needs bunnies. That includes adult easter baskets. These chubby bunnies will keep photos, notes, and crayon drawings stuck securely to the fridge and they'll look darn good doing it. I'm tempted to get a set for myself.


I've heard so much about Swedish dishcloths and I have yet to get any. But they're definitely going in the adult easter baskets I'm making this year. These cloths are durable, odor-resistant, quick-drying, reusable, and they just look real cool. I love the colorful bird pattern on these but you'll find them in all kinds of cool patterns your friends will love.


You can shove a whole big stack of books into an adult easter basket when you give them in gift card form. For your favorite bookworm, give them the gift of more books to add to the TBR pile. The Kindle gift card is small but will give them hours and hours of enjoyment. Get more ideas for your bookish buddies: 10 Page-Turning Gifts For Kindle Readers.


If your bookish friends prefer the weight and feel and smell of a printed book, a book light is a great idea. They can enjoy their books late at night without keeping up a sleeping partner, on an overnight road trip, or anywhere else light might be scarce. This light is compact and doesn't have one of those long, bendy necks many have, making it perfect for keeping in a backpack, purse, or glove compartment.


Remember that mom or friend I mentioned earlier who has cute decorative soaps they love more than you? These sweet-looking soaps will be welcome in the rotation of do-not-use soaps they keep by the "fancy" towels in the guest bathroom. They'll dust them off and set them out every Easter, never aging. Never rotting. Always watching.


As we get older our skin starts to do weird stuff. It used to be that as a kid I could rub dirt directly into my cheeks and my skin was always glowing. Now it breaks out and dries up if my dog sneezes in another room. For like, no reason at all. Face scrubbies are a functional item to include in an adult Easter basket - they cleanse, and gently exfoliate, and those tiny silicone fingers just feel good when it's all soapy.


If you've never used one of these, you're missing out. After a long, hot day, it feels great to roll one of these across your skin. This can help lessen the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. I like mine mostly because the cool stone feels good for a facial massage on a hot day.


More skin stuff - because, like I said, your human adult friends' face skin is going rogue. This is a trial size is easy to tote anywhere and will be a lifesaver when they're out and about and their skin starts to feel tight, itchy, or dry. The SPF will protect your precious friend's face from the harmful rays of the sun. Paula's Choice is a popular brand among skincare enthusiasts because it works and it sinks right into the skin - it doesn't sit on top or leave an oily residue. Their formulas are research-based, so you're not just sticking unproven ingredients on your skin.


Adult Easter Basket Idea: Don't Forget the Snacks

You may be hesitant to fill a basket with chocolate if you have friends who are counting calories or avoiding sugar, as adults sometimes do. We don't have to be entirely without joy, though - there are healthier alternatives to chocolate. And also, there's chocolate - which is just fine when eaten sparingly. So maybe don't pile the basket up with chocolate bunnies but make a few chocolate-based choices and then include some healthier edible treats.

It's kind of lame to get a bunny and go straight for the kill - biting the head off - only to realize that the bunny was hollow and therefore, already dead inside. This bunny is 1 lb. of solid milk chocolate. Go for the jugular.


Confession: There have been years that I've waited until after Easter and then went from store to store buying up all the Cadbury eggs. The creme eggs are classic, but as I have gotten older, I find I prefer the Cadbury caramel creme eggs. They're not as super sweet and also - mmm, caramel. These are a must for any Easter basket I am building. I like the commercials with all the animals pretending to be bunnies.


37. Nuts

I never thought of nuts as a gift-food before, but last Christmas my boyfriend's mom put these PLANTERS Cashews in my stocking and I ate them all before Christmas was over. When we hopped off the plane I immediately began hunting for more. Cashews are rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, and these Rosemary and Sea Salt Cashews are a superb savory snack that is the perfect size for an adult Easter basket.


Yeah, I'm still mad about that fake popcorn candle. For popcorn enthusiasts, popcorn seasoning can give them a twist on their favorite snack while keeping it low-calorie. If you've never had dill pickle popcorn before, you're missing out.


Beef Jerky is a shelf-stable, high-protein snack for your carnivore friends. It will satisfy the craving for meat without having to fire up the grill and can be taken anywhere since it doesn't need to be refrigerated. Jack Link's is a good brand, but if you have homesick Texan friends, they'll be over the moon if you get them some Buc-ee's beef jerky.


These snack-size cheeses are an easy grab-and-go snack under 100 calories each. I add them to Easter baskets just before I give them away since they need to be kept chilled. These little wheels are creamy and have a mild flavor. They're easy to pack in a lunch box and won't stink up the break room.


These are just a few ideas to keep in mind as you put together your adult easter baskets. And just because we're grown doesn't mean we can't enjoy some of the classics we cherished as kids. Check out 11 Best Plush Gifts for All Ages and include a soft plushie for your friend's inner child.


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