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  • Molly Weinfurter

11 Best Plush Gifts for All Ages

Stuffed animals and other plush gifts typically make great presents for kids. But sometimes adults want cozy products to cuddle with too. Thus, plush items can make great gifts for all ages, as long as you keep the person's preferences and personality in mind.

Instead of buying the first cute stuffed animal you see, take some time to think about what type of plush product the person will enjoy the most. Choose a product that has a special meaning, provides a purpose, or just looks like that person's favorite animal/character.

Plush gifts can be great for all ages because they can give us comfort and bring out our inner child!

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Cuddle Clones custom plush

Cuddle Clones can create one-of-a-kind stuffed animals modeled after real-life pets. They can be an adorable replica of a living pet or a heartfelt tribute to a pet that crossed the rainbow bridge. All you have to do is send in photos of the pet you want the plush to resemble and Cuddle Clones will hand-craft a custom plush. It's one of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone.

Warmies microwavable plush

Warmies may not be as squishy as a normal stuffed animal, but they provide lots of benefits. You can warm these adorable plush products in the microwave, creating a heating pad that can warm you up on a cold winter day or help soothe pain. Warmies are filled with all-natural grain and have a calming lavender scent. They're available in lots of animal designs, so you can choose the person's favorite animal as a meaningful gift.

Pineapple squishmallow

Lots of people go crazy for Squishmallows, both kids and adults. Their squishy, cuddly shape makes them perfect for resting your head on, holding close while you watch TV, or hugging when you need comfort. They're some of the most comfortable stuffed animals out there. Plus, they come in so many designs, including food, animals, and characters. If you give one as a gift, find one that suits the person's personality.

Reversible axolotl plush

TeeTurtle's reversible plushies are fun fidget toys and make adorable decorations for a desk or shelf. The plushies can be turned inside out to reveal a different expression. Most of them have a happy side and a mad side, but there are lots of different designs to choose from. You could flip them back and forth for fun or you could flip them to the side that fits your mood for the day.

Frog blanket hoodie

This round stuffed animal converts into a wearable blanket hoodie that's perfect for cozy nights inside on cold winter days. All you have to do is unzip the back of the stuffed animal and turn it inside out to create a fuzzy blanket you can wear. Then, when you're done with the blanket, you can turn it back into a stuffed animal for a cute decoration and easy storage. You can choose the design that your loved one will like best, such as a frog, cow, or avocado.

Build-a-Bear gift card

If you know someone who would love a stuffed animal gift but you're not exactly sure what to get them, consider giving them a Build-A-Bear gift card. That way, they can create the stuffed animal on their own by choosing their favorite plush toy and buying whatever accessories speak to them. Build-A-Bears are high-quality stuffed animals that are great for making someone's inner child happy.

Giant goose plush

Most people don't have a giant goose plush on their wish list, but a lot of people would be overjoyed to receive one. This six-foot-long stuffed animal is perfect for resting your head on or cuddling with. Plus, it adds a cute and silly aesthetic to any room. If the goose pictured doesn't seem like the right fit for your loved one, there are a few other sizes and colors to choose from.

Long cat body pillows

Why get a boring body pillow when you can get one that looks like a long cat? These long cats are soft and squishy like a Squishmallow, making them perfect for resting your head on and cuddling with. Plus, they're machine-washable, so they're easy to clean even if you use them as a pillow every night. You can choose either a gray or orange cat, and both come in five sizes.

Beagle stuffed animal

Sometimes, a simple stuffed animal is all it takes to make someone's day. Shelter Pets offers a variety of plush dogs. At first glance, they just look like simple plush dogs based on different breeds, but they have special meanings. Each plush is based off a real shelter pet that has been adopted, so when you purchase a plush toy, 10% of that money goes to the shelter that dog was adopted from. So, it's the perfect gift for someone passionate about animal rescue.

Palm Pals cow plush

Small objects are often adorable for unexplainable reasons. Thus, Palm Pals are super cute because they're stuffed animals small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They're made of high-quality materials that are soft and fluffy to the touch, and they're filled with bean pellets. Palm Pals sells so many adorable designs, such as animals (like cows, dogs, and cats) and other objects/creatures (like stars, fruits, and monsters). They're so cute that you'll find yourself holding these plushies as much as possible.

Penguin Pillow Pet

Pillow Pets are a classic line of stuffed animals that all ages can appreciate. As the name implies, they can transform from a cuddly stuffed animal into the perfect travel pillow. They're adorable with a fuzzy exterior. Plus, they come in so many animal designs, so you can choose the one that your loved one will adore the most.

Elephant and shark plush

Sometimes people shame adults for loving stuffed animals, but we need to stop doing that. All ages should be able to find comfort in plush products, and there are so many wonderful plushies to choose from. After all, having stuffed animals brings joy to a lot of people and doesn't hurt anyone, so they can make the perfect gift for someone you care about.


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